{www} wonderfully written words.

When words are scarce they are seldom spent in  vain”                     -William Shakespeare

i’ve decided it’s time to start a new “weekly tradition here on the ‘ol blog. I thoroughly enjoy my Tuesday Tunes & Feel-good Friday posts because each is based on something i truly love, music on Tuesdays  & creativity on Fridays, so it only seemed natural to “spread the love” to another day.

something else i love: words. i’m sure this has a lot to do with the fact that i’ve been an avid reader from the time i learned how to read — thanks Mom for loving books & encouraging me to love them alongside you (:

words can make us laugh or cry. words can inspire us to use our imaginations and open our minds to new possibilities. words can trigger an “ah ha” moment or leave us dazed and confused. words can teach and educate and encourage. words can also destroy someone’s confidence and break someone’s spirit. words have an undeniable power all their own, yet so many times we simply “read” words and completely miss their purpose.

it’s my desire to change that, not just for you but for myself as well. i hope that by beginning this  weekly series we will all become more aware of our own words, the words of others, and their inherent beauty & power & ability to make us feel.

wonderfully written words” has been an idea bouncing around in my mind for several weeks now & what better day than Wednesday for such wonderfully written words to be shared — what can i say, i’m a sucker for alliteration.

i for one am quite excited about this little journey through words and can’t wait to see where each week might take us. and as always, please feel free to put your own two cents in by sharing any wonderfully written words you come across yourself (especially you, Rutherford B., i know you’ve got quotes for days!) & i’ll gladly include them in a future {www} post!

me + you + wonderful words…my Wednesdays just got a whole lot better!!

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