{eye candy} batch two.

eye candy was quite popular two weeks ago so i decided another batch was in order. this week there’s a definite  muted tone/hazy lighting “theme” going on in all but one of the images…not sure what that says about my week or my mood? hmmm.   oh well.   joys to you, M.

unknown adventure: when facing the unknown i always struggle to find a balance between fear & excitement. however, this image with it’s destination unknown i find oddly soothing. you don’t yet know where you’ll end up, but you know you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.

pretty in pink: if it were my party (& clearly it isn’t) the “bow” napkin would be an icy blue…outside of that little change, the layering of the three plates & the juxtaposition of the polka dots & stripes is superb.

night rebel: i have always been fascinated by graffiti. many see it as vandalization, i try to see it as art…after all, it does take some serious skill. and i love the “fish eye” effect going on here.

sky riding: i did a double take on this one…love the way the clouds reflect off the silver handle bars.

bedazzled: a kaleidoscope capelet…perfectly whimsical.

worlds apart: a motel in the middle of nowhere & the London Eye, both under the same sky…

doll face: my favorite of the week — taken over a decade ago, this picture of Dakota Fanning is both haunting and gorgeous. wow.

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