Feel-good Friday: abbreviated.

i’m starting to feel like a slacker. last week i was late with Feel-good Friday & this week i feel like i’m throwing things together haphazardly & cutting it really short…my apologies. if it helps, i have a valid excuse (or two):

1) things at work are CRAZY. the Lord is pouring out abundant blessings & we’re all super grateful, but this weekend might get a little overwhelming with Halloween. I personally have to get 250 apples wrapped, tagged & put in alphabetical order tomorrow for a wedding that has nothing to do with holiday festivities whatsoever. oh boy. things could get interesting.

2) it’s HOMECOMING weekend in Chapel Hill which means my entire weekend will be filled with my amazingly wonderful friends who are flying in from around the country. if only words could describe my excitement…

so yep, life promises to be a bit bonkers this weekend and my heart couldn’t be more thrilled. as for this week’s Feel-good Friday post, please forgive me for its brevity & hastiness, i promise i’ll make up for it!

wishing you a splendid weekend!  -M.

suede + metal: i’ll choose a chunky ring or earrings over a bracelet any day…but this pairing of hand-stamped metal & soft suede made by Jenny definitely scored one for the bracelets this week.

alphabet jazz: how insanely cool is this alphabet mountain? 

ingenuity: so i quite randomly discovered this video via P.Diddy (aka Sean Combs) and was instantly hooked. i’ve added Atomic Tom to my list of artist to check out — in the mean time, please be impressed by their ingenious use of iPhone apps. i sure was.

Miss Swift: i’ll say it again, i adore Taylor Swift. and i adore this song from her new album Speak Now.

THE movement that made history: i was one of 4,495 people to pledge a little money to help “save” the movie Blue Like Jazz based off of Donald Miller’s book by the same title. a true display of community, take a few moments & check out the incredible effort of thousands of people to save something they believe in. LOVING being a part of this movement. (and if you’ve never read Blue Like Jazz…go buy it TODAY.)

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