falling whistles.

“I had heard.known.cared. I had even reacted and raged. But when these boys told me of the whistle-blowers, the horror grew feet and walked within me.”

Falling Whistles began within the pages of Sean Carasso’s journal. I have a feeling he would tell us it was the day that forever changed him. It was the day he helped rescue 5 child-soldiers from the rebel army in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, placing himself in danger to ensure their freedom. It was the day he heard about  the utter torture and brutality suffered by thousands of children from the mouths of five who had lived through it. It was the day he learned of the falling whistles.

Sean had his day, today is yours. So stop what you’re doing right now, click on this link & take a few minutes to watch the intro video for the Falling Whistles web site. It made my heart ache and tears roll down my cheeks… it is a video you must see, it’s that important. And while you’re there, take a moment to read the original journal entry that began this extraordinary journey to save the whistle-blowers & consider buying a whistle of your own from the store.

“With falling whistles their only choice is to                                     feign death…or face it.”

Falling Whistles also released this stunning video “Peace is the New Frontier” several weeks ago that shows how FW began — another must-see. 

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