Tuesday Tunes: Andrew Belle.

Andrew Belle has popped up on the blog before — his song Open Your Eyes is one of my all-time favorite “breathe easy” tunes — but that was merely a preview & it’s high time the boy got a full post of his own.

Mr. Belle released his first full-length album The Ladder back in February of this year and I can honestly admit to loving every song…this is a big deal for me.

I’m one of those annoying “picky” people when it comes to music; I never buy a full album without first previewing every song. If there are tracks my ears don’t like, I commence to selectively purchase only those that make the cut. So it’s a rare but welcomed treat to click the “buy album” button on iTunes, and Mr. Belle is one of an elite group of artists who has garnered  one such full-album purchase.

I am currently  re-falling (new word for your vocabulary) in love with AB’s voice at this very moment as it is keeping me company while i write…I think you’ll soon understand why.

And oh my gosh [insert enthusiastic voice with lots of exclamation points] I just checked on iTunes and you can get The Ladder for $5.99. Seriously, folks, that’s the price some of you pay for one of your fancy schmancy coffee drinks & it’s gone in mere minutes…Andrew’s voice totally trumps coffee & you would be wise to act on this stellar deal.

And speaking of coffee drinks, Andrew is also one of the artists who supports & promotes Mocha Club — yet another reason he’s one of my favorites (:

ok. ok. enough jabbering & more music, i can take a hint. prepare your ears to fall in love…

Static Waves feat. Katie Herzig: adore this song &  this video.

The Ladder: w. a little help from his friends…

Oh My Stars: “if everything you’ve said to me has been true then all my stars are leading me to you…” how ’bout those lyrics?

are you smitten yet? i know, me too. now go buy this man’s music & continue spreading the love!

One response to “Tuesday Tunes: Andrew Belle.

  1. Very nice review! I love his music too, and not just b/c he’s my only son, but because his music is just…good stuff!!! It’s catchy, heartfelt melodies set to great lyrics! Then of course is his voice! It’s just, special? If you love his 1st two cd’s…just WAIT until you hear his newest songs! As his dad, I get to wear out every song before it ever gets released, HA! ~Rick

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