i’m bummed this weekend is over…it was a good one, full of the “little things” that make this life so very special.

things like…sleeping in (finally!) and eating breakfast w. my brother. spending time with my sweet Papaw and taking a trip down Memory Lane. walking with my mom at sunset and sitting down at the kitchen table for a home-cooked meal. laughing so hard my sides ache and listening to my family banter downstairs. turning the clocks back. worship songs on a Sunday morning drive. dark chocolate covered almonds. peace and quiet.

there was also the sweet surprise “thank you” gift from Mocha Club’s fashionABLE team that completely made my Friday…i know the amazing crew behind MC have been busting tail to get this amazing project up and running & yet they took the time to send a thank you gift to those of us who purchased scarves in fashionABLE’s test launch. incredible. fashionABLE scarf.

there was also the envelope with these puppies that arrived in the mail…two weeks till showtime (: needtobreathe.

and a movie date w. Haysie is always a treat, even if the heat was out in the theater and we nearly froze to death. hello free  complementary movie passes and an excuse for another movie date very soon! life as we know it.


yep, this weekend was just what my heart needed. so looking forward to the wonderful weekends ahead — November’s got it going on.   cheers, M.

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