Tuesday Tunes: Kings of Leon.

KOL released their latest album a few weeks ago & it’s been at the top of my “music to preview” list ever since. that preview finally happened yesterday.

so unless you’re an ultimate KOL fan and have already memorized every song, we’re all paddling in the same canoe this week. we’re all newbies.

my first impression: Come Around Sundown is a bit hit or miss. let me repeat again, this was only my first impression & my opinions are very likely to change…i simply need several more listens to get through all the layers, that’s all.

but for now, a few songs were definite standouts…

Radioactive: the song ends with a children’s choir singing background vocals…need i say more?

Immortals: the driving bass line in the intro is so very reminiscent of Use Somebody… “find out what you are, face to face. once you’ve had enough, carry on. don’t forget to love, before you’re gone.”

Back Down South: i’m a southern girl born and bred so this one is a no-brainer. and there’s a different sound/feel going on that i’m liking very much.

Pickup Truck: this song is the epitome of KOL, it’s all about Anthony’s voice and haunting guitar riffs. this one’s a keeper & well on its way to being my favorite.

i have a feeling this album will soon be under my skin & on repeat in my mind…so here’s to a second, third & fourth listen.   ~me.

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