point shoes.

i am in utter awe of the Ballerina Project. seriously.

every day a new photo featuring a ballerina practicing her craft amidst the city landscape is uploaded. thus far most have been in NYC, but ballerinas in other cities are catching on & i for one hope this project makes its way all across the country.

i took ballet for 10 years and can tell you from experience it is nothing to sneeze at. these amazing dancers are LEAGUES above what i ever attempted in difficulty and many of them have dedicated their lives to this incredible art. in short: these lovely ladies are serious athletes.

Violeta, Williamsburg Bridge.

Kate, Wall Street.

Keenan, NYC Public Garden.

Elina, Chinatown.

Rachel, NYC Public Garden.

Christina, Riverside Park.

for gorgeous pics on a daily basis, follow @ballerinaprjct on Twitter or bookmark their Tumblr page and check back often.

so inspired (:

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