Feel-good Friday: late night.

it seems i’ve done it again. that is, booked myself crazy and left little “free” time for anything but sleeping. i guess i’m just wired this way & i’m learning to deal with it. so here i sit well after midnight trying to have a little “me” time before i crash. we’ll see how long it takes for the eyelids to win out.

after being gone last weekend & then heading out again this weekend, i felt the need to cram all of my “commitments” into a shorter week, thus my days have been non-stop. with that said…the following feel-goods are the few things i’ve had a chance to glimpse this week amidst the craziness.

thankful for little moments of beauty, inspiration & downright cuteness.

box party: or maybe i should say “party in a box.” ACME Party Box Company is one of the cutest (not to mention brilliant) things i’ve seen in quite a while. themed party boxes can be ordered and shipped directly to you & all you have to do is send out the invites and put out the food…i’m feeling a little shindig coming on (:

love the color combo of the "Chocolate and Tangerine" kit.

don't get me started on how adorable this "Circus" kit is. ahhhh.

telling time: i just realized i featured clocks in last week’s Feel-good Friday post…perhaps i have a clock fetish the way some people have a watch fetish? whatever side you fall on, both are perfect for telling time. as for this beauty, it has the shape of an old-fashioned alarm clock with the perfect balance of modern thanks to the crisp, clean white. it’s a little strange how much i really like this…

walls & windows: while we’re somewhat in the ‘room decor’ department, how stinkin’ cute are these wall decals? featured on Shanna Murray’s Web site against a blackboard wall,  they are perfect for leaving a sweet note or adding a touch of unexpected whimsy on a window pane…

you’re special: we should all have one of these posted somewhere as a daily reminder…love it.

twiggy: i am seriously considering hunting down a print of this 1966 photo of Twiggy by Barry Lategan to frame…her eyes are phenomenal. yes, i’m a bit obsessed.

Use Somebody: i’m well underway into digging the new Kings of Leon album…i was a bit skeptical at first but my mind has since been changed. i came across these two versions of KOL’s first hit “Use Somebody”  in my favorites folder on YouTube. (yes, i have multiple categories for saving videos on my YouTube account…don’t hate.)

reminded how much i love the way both Paramore & Pixie Lott made the song their own. happy listening! 

that’s all for now, folks…happy weekend to you!!!  smiles, M.

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