down by the coast.

this weekend i had the great honor of spending time with my darling (new) friends Jenna and Janae in Wilmington.

if you’ll recall, i met Jenna a little over a month ago when i ran the Mocha Club table at a Gungor concert and we pretty much became instant friends. when she invited me to come spend a weekend in Wilmington i jumped at the chance, especially before the craziness of the holiday season truly kicked in. and yes, in case you were wondering, this was only our second time ever hanging out in person…hence the (new) friends.

and oh what a grand time it was! as i sit here reflecting back over the last two days it’s crazy to think Jenna and I met quite randomly only a month ago and yet i feel like we’ve been friends for years — it’s pretty unreal how much we have in common and how easy it was to spend a day and a half together like we’ve done it a million times. add in the fact that Jenna’s best friend Janae is one of my new favorite people and i can’t help but feel incredibly blessed to have made two new life-long friends. so thankful.

i love Wilmington’s laid-back atmosphere and had no problem plopping myself right in the middle of it these last two days. between wonderful conversations, lots of laughing and absolutely stunning weather, this weekend was pretty near perfect and i’m already thinking a return trip is in order (:

but first, Jenna & Janae get to come to Durham/Raleigh THIS WEEKEND for the Neetobreathe concert & other general awesomness. two weekends in a row…how did i get so lucky?


an afternoon on the boardwalk...


the sun's reflection on the water was gorgeous.


i snuck in a picture of the gals.


this super cute moose makes me smile...and yep, i totally tried it on.

create your own.

loved the "create your own" earring bar at the Edge of Urge botique.


and one can't forget the random (but so awesome) corner of masks.

ice cream.

Janae introduced me to capuccino chocolate chip ice cream. oh boy.

random side story: while at Kilwin’s we ran into a family with TWO sets of twins — 3-year-old girls and 6-month-old boys — and because all three of us girls love kids, we couldn’t help but say hi. we then found out the family just recently moved to Chapel Hill from Chicago which of course gets me SUPER excited and I end up giving them my contact information in case they ever need a babysitter — the mom’s last words as we were leaving: “i’ll be calling you.” ahhh, i love unexpectedly meeting people.

fudge fanatic.

Jenna is totally a "kid in a candy store" when it comes to fudge.

key fence.

how i love me some public art --- "the key fence" is literally that: a fence with thousands of keys. i geeked out for a moment (:

i liked this weekend a lot. i hope yours was just as equally wonderful!

2 responses to “down by the coast.

  1. madz, love wtown. yosake, felix are great. hang 7 surf mexican in wrightsville is great too! new friends, new places that’s great! love your blog!

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