Tuesday Tunes: music videos.

long ago were the days when music videos ruled afternoon television — TRL, anyone? as a middle-schooler i’m not sure if i watched TRL because it was the cool thing to do or because, even then, i truly loved music. i would like to think it was the latter, but i think it’s pretty safe to assume it was the first.

today i enjoy a whole new kind of music video — the simple, raw, pure-talent kind. and as i’ve mentioned on several occasions, YouTube is one of my most-visited sites for this very reason. whether it be well-known artists or small-town talents trying to make it big, in my little corner of the world it all boils down to good music.

the following are a smattering of just a few of the vids i’ve collected in my music que over the years — i had a ball going back through the list and picking them out at random. i’ll be back next week with a more thorough artist spotlight, but for now, sit back and revisit the days of TRL…well, Madison’s version that is.

A Fine Frenzy: Come On, Come Out. outside of the fact that i think she is absolutely stunning…her voice is one of my favorites.

Colbie & Jason: Paint it Golden. oh how i wish this song had been officially recorded. be patient through the intro talking, the song is well worth it. Run away from money. Quit your job and climb a tree. One with hearts instead of leaves.

Boyce Avenue: Teenage Dream (Cover). sorry to disappoint you, Katy Perry, but this totally kills your original.

OneRepublic: Come Home. loving this acoustic version.

Britt Nicole: Walk on the Water. Britt is from my hometown and her aunt and uncle are good family friends. last Christmas i had the pleasure of spending the evening with Britt and her family…an acapella duet with her brother ensued and i was left speechless. 

Needtobreathe: Lay’Em Down. dear Bear, i could listen to your voice forever. and yes, i can attest to the fact that it’s even more amazing in person…gracious. 

happy Tuesday (:

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