statement makers.

i happen to think Alison Sudol, the owner of the voice behind A Fine Frenzy, is one of the most gorgeous gals on the planet. and i do mean gorgeous.

these stunning photos of Alison modeling equally stunning hair pieces from Ban.Do‘s Black Label line are some of the prettiest things my eyes have seen in quite some time. not to mention some serious statement makers. there are over 36 incredible designs in the Black Label line and i highly, highly recommend you hop on over to the Ban.Do site to have a looksee at all of them.

for now, i have taken on the difficult chore of featuring a few of my favorites below…a nearly impossible task as i am seriously enthralled with every. single. design/photo.

bring on the pretty!


fairy magic.

jeweled perfection.

a touch of grecian glamour.

feather fabulous.

dare to sparkle.

did i not warn you of the above gorgeousness? i love her fiery locks something fierce. i love the unbelievable creativity and uniqueness of each head piece. i love the simplistic, shadowy effect used on each photograph. in short: i love, i love a lot.

[ps: Jenna, i know you are currently dying over the above masterpieces — i vote we take this inspiration and try to create a few hair-toppers of our own (: ]

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