weekend ‘O feel-goods.

well, tonight will go down as another epic fail at getting a decent amount of sleep — tis the season, i guess. or maybe ’tis being me. i’m one of those people who can’t fall asleep on the very nights i really need to. i think i upset my internal clock by thinking “crud, i’m only going to get 6 hrs of sleep,” and then i don’t even get that much because i’m so worried about not getting enough that i can’t fall asleep.

oh the irony of sleep deprivation. and yes, i whole-heartedly realize i am being a bit dramatic & will more than survive losing a little bit of shut-eye.

i considered for a moment (a very brief moment) about skipping this week’s Feel-good post, but here i am in my current “can’t go to sleep” mind-set going through this week’s collection. and until my eyelids fall victim to gravity’s pull, here i shall sit. and because i dare not be selfish, i decided it’s only fair i share the post-midnight love with you fabulous people!


be golden: i literally just stumbled across this 10 min. ago. the golden rule, designed by a 6-year-old kid, turned into a letter-press print, now available for sale here. i would hang it on my wall, no question.

photo finish: i’ve never been one to love gifts — at least not that i know of. (mom & dad, correct me if i’m wrong!) perhaps this is because i  have never in my life liked unwrapping gifts in front of people…i literally get nervous. so when it comes to the art of gifting, the part i most like is wrapping gifts to give to others. the paper. the bows. the tags. i adore it all.  so of course i love these gift-tags made from old photographs & twine — kind of perfect, don’t ya think? (found here & here)

a beautiful mess: is one of the few blogs i regularly follow. Ms. Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess has an eye for all things pretty, a pension for crafty brilliance, and a genuinely awesome outlook on life. two of my favorite things this week from the ABM blog… this dress & this pillow!

the V neck-line, the stripes, the pockets. good stuff.

a DIY personalized pillow --- makes me want to have a whole week of craft/DIY goodness. who's with me?

hello world: darling MVH (aka Marisa) shared this lovely performance over on her blog last week & i’m so very glad she did…i missed the CMA awards as a whole, but i do believe Lady A’s performance would have been my favorite regardless of who else performed. and those light-bulbs strewn across the stage are stealing my heart as we speak…

barton hollow: and while we’re roaming around the world of music, one of my most favorite duos The Civil Wars released the video for the first single off their upcoming album Barton Hollow. ohhhh buddy, i already know this sucker will be an instant purchase. Joy & John Paul are the epitome of blues and soul. chill-inducing, i say.

counting clouds: i am well above the intended age group for these precious mobiles, clearly, but counting these cute clouds & rain drops seems pretty wonderful right about now.

and would you look what a random Google search of “can’t sleep” will turn up — how very appropriate.

off to do a little bit of dreaming now…perhaps some sleep will follow suit!

be back soon.

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