if only every weekend could be like the last few weekends — i’m telling you, i’ve been spoiled by more goodness than i deserve. this past weekend will go down as yet another one filled with amazing people, tear-inducing laughter & many a memorable moment…truly wonderful, i say.

Jenna & Janae headed in my direction this weekend, and despite a phone left in Wilmington and another dead phone, they made it safely to Durham and i couldn’t have been more anxious to spend the rest of the weekend with them!

the girls also got to meet my amazing friend Kelly (aka “KD”) who generously opened up her home for a good ‘ol fashioned sleepover…junk food & pjs galore! although we got a movie to watch, the four of us ended up watching old SYTYCD videos on YouTube for nearly two hours and it was glorious!

Sunday dawned and i had the pleasure of taking the girls to my church here in Durham, the Summit…i was anxious to get back myself after having been gone the last few weekends. we shared a laughter-filled post-church lunch w. Jon and B (the brothers) and i so loved being surrounded by such incredible individuals.

the remainder of our Sunday afternoon was spent traipsing across campus—it was the perfect fall day & Kelly and I had to show the girls our beloved Carolina. magnificent fall splendor was enjoyed by all!

then it was showtime at the Carolina Theatre. the Daylights far-exceeded my expectations and totally rocked as an opening band. then Needtobreathe hit the stage and i was a goner. words fail to describe how amazing these guys are live—this was my 5th time seeing the guys perform in a single year and still they blow me away every time. surrounded by some of my favorite people and the most incredible music…let’s just say it’s in these moments  when i often feel the most alive.

grateful. rejuvenated. inspired. — i miss this weekend already.

us gals stopped in Urban Outfitters & i found lightbulbs. of course.

we also stopped in Parker & Otis where i zeroed in on this beautiful pink masterpiece from Le Creuset.

and we all spent a solid 45 min. going through DVD covers at a Blockbuster close-out sale. hilarious.

friends. fabulous. friends.


having the bro rockin' out beside me made my night (:

awesome venue. awesome seats.

rockstars of the truest sense.

i just really like this picture...that's all.

tradition calls for an accoustic song to close the show --- there's nothing like it.

the story: last weekend in Wilmington i came across this quirky necklace…i instantly adored it and Jenna & Janae thought i was crazy. i always try to get a little something whenever i’m in a “new” place, so said necklace became an immediate possibility. however, i ultimately ended up with a stellar pair of rose earrings that have since received many compliments, but had to let the necklace go…or so i thought. as soon as the girls and i were back together Jenna whipped out a “gift” for me that i wasn’t allowed to open until Janae had safely parked the car and could watch my face. yep, Jenna had gone back and gotten the necklace…shrieks of joy ensued and now this fun little necklace is officially mine. J & J are pretty awesome aren’t they?

i have pretty near perfect vision, but i've always LOVED glasses. these might be my favorite pair ever!

my heart is still smiling from the amazingness that was this weekend. and with Thanksgiving in mere days, it’s never too early to be incredibly thankful for each and every moment.

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