Tuesday Tunes: Ms. Swift.

i’ve always been a T.Swift fan…not a obsessed-fan by any stretch, but i’ve always enjoyed her music & genuinely adore her as a person.

it took me a few weeks to listen to her latest release Speak Now, but having done so this past week, i  must admit to being seriously impressed. yes, some of the songs are still very “Swiftish” in true Taylor fashion, but there is  also an undeniable growth in Taylor’s vocals that adds a whole new depth to every song on this latest album. at 21 (almost), i do believe Ms. Swift has come into her own & Speak Now is proof of it!

note: the sound quality on some of the videos has a bit of a tunneled effect, but they were the best YouTube offered up!

Enchanted: hands down my favorite song of the album. i am completely taken with the idea of being “enchanted” after meeting someone…i think we’ve all experienced that at least once, even if only for the briefest of moments when meeting someone or simply catching someone’s eye.

Last Kiss: a very close second to Enchanted. in my opinion, this song and Back to December are without question the two most heart-felt songs of the album. this one especially is so raw and simple…it’s almost like Taylor is still searching for closure.

Haunted: quite the departure from her typical sound…she’s even channeling a little Avril Lavigne/Hayley Williams on this one. 

Dear John: Ms. Swift has come under fire for this song, and while i admit i probably wouldn’t air this relationship out for all the world, i have much respect for Taylor’s courage to do so. a relationship that could have easily remained purely speculative, Taylor chose instead to be vulnerable, admit she made a mistake and write a pretty stellar song…that takes guts. i’m also inclined to think the intended recipient of this song more than deserves it. (and the electric guitar riffs in the intro are perfect little jabs at Mr. Mayer…poetic humor at its best.) 

the end (:

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