attention grabbers.

in advertising it’s all about attracting attention…and in my book the old adage “any attention is good attention,” is far from the truth. positive attention all the way.

and when i came across this year’s Emmy list for Best Commercial (yes, there is an Emmy given for commercials!) it got me to thinking about how companies decide to call attention to themselves…especially in the most often used arena of TV commercials. i personally don’t watch TV at all, BUT having been living with my brothers for a few weeks now i’ve been exposed to a little more TV. ESPN, anyone?

though Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” won the coveted Emmy for good reason — hands down the most talked about commercial after this year’s Super Bowl — another of the 5 nominated commercials won my vote.

this commercial is ridiculously gorgeous. serene, understated, simple. vivid, creative, complex. it manages to be all these things at once & it definitely caught my attention. who would have thought a commercial for Absolut Vodka could be so pretty?

and if we’re going to talk about commercials, it’s only fair Nike be mentioned — after all, no company does advertising like Nike. the Human Chain ad from earlier this year was also nominated for an Emmy…it’s pretty stellar. 

and because i adore all things Target, i found its Black Friday/Holiday commercial series to be quite brilliant. (and i do mean series seeing as that there are at minimum 15 different commercials!) this lady is absolutely hilarious, making it so very hard to choose just a few of my favorites (:

mountain series. level 10. backwards.

tick tock. tick tock. tick tock.

cards and carols.

2 responses to “attention grabbers.

  1. i LOVE that target card carol one 😉

  2. Been meaning to send Kurt a message about this one. He was talking about the Target commercials on Thanksgiving. Ding, dong, ding, dong.. Rumtummy, tummy… makes me LOL every single time.

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