Tuesday Tunes: Sleeping At Last.

a fairly recent discovery, the trio behind Sleeping At Last have been getting a lot of playing time in the last few weeks. backed by a heavy dosage of strings (loooove) and with lyrics that constantly leave me stunned, you might say i’m hooked.

brothers Ryan & Chad O’Neal and their pal Dan Perdue have been making music together for years…and from what i’ve heard thus far, it sounds to me like they know exactly what they’re doing. SAL’s most recent venture is their Yearbook project which involves an EP of 3 new songs being released each month…that’s a whole lot of lyrics to be put down on paper, wouldn’t you agree?

speaking of lyrics, i love what Ryan had to say about writing his own: the thing i love about lyrics and songwriting in general is how much weight there can be in a single line.

gracious me, i couldn’t agree more. when a single line of a song has the power to literally stop you in your tracks…that’s musical magic. and Sleeping At Last is definitely in the business of making magic.

i’m looking forward to going back and discovering some of the guys older stuff & suggest you do the same — but for now, here’s a few of the incredible songs from their October & November albums to inspire you to take my advice! ahhh yes, and December will be coming out oh-so-soon!

Next To Me: Oh, our futures were written with crayons in coloring books — It was misspelled and outside the lines and we loved how it looked — Like the crooked hem of your favorite childhood dress — And the holes in my jeans from years of carelessness. every single word in this song is perfect.

Watermark: this one has been on repeat. i repeat, on repeat.

Emphasis: this song made itself comfy in the pit of my stomach. it’s words and truth won’t be leaving anytime soon.

joys galore to you & yours.

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