Feel-good Friday: part 1.

this week’s Feel-goods will be a two-parter…and yes, the core reason being i need to go to sleeeep & cutting the Feel-goods in half will get me there just a bit quicker.

so without delay, here’s part uno…

the cat’s meow: my eyes saw many a pretty thing while taking a stroll through Urban Outfitters this week, including these darling little lipsticks from Paul & Joe. I don’t wear lipstick. I strongly dislike cats. But I adore the vintage-y packaging of the tubes themselves.

fashionable year: i have been drooling over this calendar for the last two days…not literally, but almost. a delightful mix of vintage fashion “looks” & portraits of some of the fashion world’s stand-out bloggers, i can’t get over how stunning these watercolor prints by Kathryn Rodgers are.

urban myth: incredible pieces of art by Luis Alves, an artist from Portugal who specializes in mixed-media…this series combines fabric, wallpaper and tiles with ink and paints. seriously makes me miss my days in the art room in high school.

christmas lights: Coldplay does Christmas…um, yes please. and can we talk about how randomly wonderful this music video is & how i wouldn’t hesitate to put that piano in my home.

stay tuned, part two comes soon (:

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