birthday lovin’: b.dub.

there’s really only one thing you should know about Bernard Worthy: he’s amazing.

seriously, he is.

I met “B” my very first weekend in Chapel Hill and instantly adored him. i distinctly remember having the thought “i hope he likes me back so we can be friends,” but not putting a whole lot of hope behind that statement. you see, everyone loves B. he just has this way about him that makes people gravitate towards him — he’s charming, hilarious, creative, insightful, sarcastic & a host of other glowing qualities. he’s the person everyone wants to be friends with.

so in the sea of amazing people that is Carolina, the chances of B & I being close friends seemed highly unlikely…or so i thought. well wouldn’t you know, not only did B become one of my best friends, he also became my second brother.

he and Jon lived together for two years in college and now live together here in Raleigh. he’s had extended stays at the “Hipp Hotel” on numerous occasions and my parents absolutely adore him. and just like my dad and J, he’s the only other person who never calls me anything but “Miss.” yep, he is my “other brother.”

one of my favorite moments with B happened this past year in May when J & I visited him in NYC. B was in the city for the summer as a core leader for University of Dreams (again, he’s kind of a big deal), therefore he had a select group of fellow leaders he spent a lot of time with. when introducing us to said group of leaders he said, “i want you to meet my brother and sister, Jonathan and Madison.”

let me explain: B & I have always jokingly referred to each other as “brother” and “sister” in the past, but it was always in a funny, not-so-serious way. however, in that moment it was so natural coming out of his mouth i literally hesitated for a moment trying to make sure i heard him right. just a few words in a few seconds but oh how i wish i could describe the joy i felt in hearing him call us his brother and sister.

well folks, today is my brother’s birthday & i am quite honored to be able to celebrate it with him as his sister. if i had known four years ago…well let’s just say i would never have doubted B liking me back (:

happy birthday, brother. so much love & then some.

love you in the mean time, love you in between time.


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