{etsy} yoohoo, it’s Yokoo.

have you been sucked into the delightful world of Etsy yet? if you haven’t, let this be your warning: it can be a bit addictive. hours of your day will vanish. perhaps money from your pocket too.

this weekend i got sucked into Yokoo’s world…quite fitting seeing as that her AMAZING scarves & hats would have been perfect for Saturday’s SURPRISE snow fall.

i love chunky knits so it’s no surprise i’m obsessed with every single one of Yokoo’s pieces. in addition: i secretly want to be like Yokoo …and by that i mean i would love to bravely exude some of her quirkiness.

chunky knits + funky clothes + quirky Yokoo = too stinkin’ perfect!

need proof?


Brobdingnagian Hat.

my FAVORITE product. in LOVE with this big, floppy bow.

The English Thompson.

The Minnie Bow.

Three Ring Chain. --- now that's a "necklace."

and my FAVORITE picture. stripes, mustard yellow & fake glasses.

The Snow Leopard.


if i had a money tree currently growing in my back yard, i do believe i would be picking off a few “leaves” to spend. but for now, it’s a good thing i’m perfectly content to love on Yokoo’s fabulous pieces from afar (:

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