birthday lovin’: twins.

The scene: it’s late evening and the lamps are on in the living room of Little KD (the lovely house I lived in senior year). A bin is overturned on the floor and from it spills a huge pile of crinoline skirts and gingham dresses. From the pile two skirts have been yanked and are now being worn by two college gals spinning around in crazy circles. Peals of laughter fill the room. Crinoline flies and flops as spinning legs suddenly change directions. It’s me. It’s Shannon. It’s us.

If ever there was a moment marked with pure joy, it would be this one. It was the week of Halloween and Shannon and I were trying to find costumes to wear to the Eve Ball…enter the bin of crinoline skirts and gingham dresses from Shannon’s grandmother’s square dancing days; a bin of absolute FUN. I’m pretty positive I wore my skirt around the house for the rest of the night & couldn’t wait to wear the full outfit later that week. And when the Eve Ball arrived on Friday night—yep, you guessed it—the skirts were put on & the spinning returned. We may not have had the most inventive/creative costumes of the evening, but we most definitely had the best for dancing. Hands. Down.

And today just so happens to by my twirling partner’s birthday: Shannon is 24!! Now perhaps you’re a bit curious about this “twins” thing…because yes, I do in fact have a real twin, but he’s a boy. And well, Shannon is not a boy.

Have you ever met someone and had the immediate sense that he/she knows you…like really knows you? Shannon is one such person in my life. We like many of the same things and think A LOT a like, thus we began to call each other “twin,” eventually added an “s” and it stuck. From day one twins has always known the exact words to say to ease my doubts, to encourage my dreams, to make me think, to give me hope. Her outlook on life is one to be envied & her walk with Him is an incredible example for everyone around her. She’s been an absolute blessing in my life, that’s for sure.

She also happens to have one of my favorite laughs EVER.

So today I’m celebrating you, twins…such an easy thing to do…and wishing you the most spectacular of days! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!      love always, twins.

forgive me, S, but i adore this picture & couldn't resist.

and we can’t forget about those fabulous crinoline skirts (:

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