Tuesday Tunes: Andrew Ripp.

monday mornings are always a bit rough, agreed? it was an unusually quiet one at the office yesterday and yours truly was struggling to stay alert amidst the silence…Andrew Ripp to the rescue.

a magical, magnificent, musical rescue. hasta la vista Monday blues & a big thank you to my iTunes shuffle.

now i could ramble on and on about the incredible talent that is Mr. Ripp, but i’m not convinced it would do the man justice: he’s that good. so instead, today’s Tuesday Tunes is going to be less Madison and more music…which i guess is how it should be, huh?

duly noted. duly noted. Mr. Ripp, take it away…

Dresden Wine: holy moly. there really are no words. if this one doesn’t sock you in the gut, something is very, very wrong.

Savior: put your rock’n’roll shoes on and prepare yourselves.

Peace Like A River: if ever i was unjustly forced to pick a favorite song, this might be it.

You Will Find Me: or maybe this one. three of my favorites singing absolute, honest truth. You carried all my shame, When you called my name, I am not the same...

I Can See Clearly Now: a classic made even better? absolutely.

did i not tell you he was good?

no thanks necessary for the introduction, but i will ask a favor of you. go buy the man’s music and spread the word…he deserves it.

AND just when things couldn’t get any better, they do. Mr. Ripp is also one of the fabulous artists who has partnered with my beloved Mocha Club. want to give a gift that gives twice this year? check out the MC STORE where everything is 50% off through Friday!!

speaking of Mocha Club, Hayes & I volunteered for the Dave Barnes/Drew Holcomb Christmas concert last week in Raleigh & got some rather strange looks from folks…

mirror wardrobe selections = 100% unplanned.

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