{eye candy} batch three.

it’s been a few weeks since i’ve shared a batch of eye candy & the pretty images have been piling up.

below, a few random selections from the pile (:

the golden state: the darkness of this one intrigues me.

sequins & sparkle: in real life i’m not a fan, but when it comes to photographs of sequined garments hanging on a rack, it seems i can’t resist.

sail away: just a bit of whimsy for you (:

wind blown: adore the hair. adore the freckles. adore the tiny pearls.

sea of leaves: i love how quickly the background becomes out of focus. & those turquoise high-tops are fabulous.

button up: perfect little rows of perfect little buttons…a combination of these would look lovely on a slouchy gray cardigan.

bow-peep: dying over these bows…

wheel in the sky: the colors…they’re wonderful.

beatlemania: i would have totally been an obsessed Beatles fan. totally.


the end.

2 responses to “{eye candy} batch three.

  1. MADI… i want those red shoes for my wedding!!!

    WHEREEEEEE did you find them?! 🙂

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