Feel-good Friday: mad-dash.

why the mad-dash you ask? as usual, i’m trying to dash off to dreamland as quickly as possible due to an earrrly call-time at the chocolate factory in the AM. people love’em some chocolate for the holidays (:

let’s get on with it, shall we?

comic strip romance: um, this idea is beyond cute & such a perfect keepsake for the babies, grandbabies, and great grandbabies. Elsie & her fiance Jeremy decided to tell their “story” in comic-strip fashion…I can’t get enough. Want to see the whole thing (you know you do!) —> click here!

modern classic: but Madison, that’s an oxymoron, you say…yes, you’re correct. but these classic F.Scott Fitzgerald books with their modern art deco, metallic book covers are a set of “oxymorons” i would happily put on my shelf.

talk to the hand: your hands would do all the talking in these fabulous mittens by Kate Spade. Need to hail a taxi or give a high-five…Ms. Spade has you covered (:

measuring up: i can’t get over these cute measuring “pitchers” from Three Potato Four… gift idea? totally.

yikes, i hate to cut things so short this week, but sleep beckons. i promise these last two bits of goodness will MORE than make-up for the shortened length of this post. PROMISE.

extravagan za: prepare your stomach muscles, they will be sore from absurd amounts of laughter. prepare your index finger, you will hit repeat. just prepare yourselves. Dave Barnes might be one of the funniest human beings on the planet & his annual Extravagan Za is one of my most favorite things. ready. set. laugh.

bust a move: Santa — or is that Dave? — has a few “moves” he’d like to share. hilarious. hilarious. hilarious.

happy Friday, friends!!

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