play. watch. enjoy.

hey there, i hope your weekend was fantastic! because Mondays can be a bit rough, i thought i would share a few YouTube vids i discovered this weekend to help kick off the week (:

Last Choir Standing: don’t ask me how i came across this choir competition held in the UK…it just happened. the following are my favorite performances from two of the top 4 choirs.  

Joyful, Joyful has always been a fave of mine thanks to Sister Act 2…one of my favorite movie moments since i was a kid (:

and if you’re the least bit like me, you now want to join a choir ASAP!

thank you to my amazing friend & fellow dreamer Kelly (KD) for the following…this one is quite breathtaking & a true visual masterpiece. to learn more about how Ryan Woodward created Thought of You, visit his web site HERE.

and yes, because i can’t get enough dance, i of course have more to share. we all know So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows, well a little browsing around YouTube informed me SYTYCD Canada has a few stellar group dances to boast of as well! (both by the brilliant, and i do mean brilliant, Mia Michales!)

This Moment: a giant ball of light bulbs…

Will I?: This one is beyond words…seriously, completely captivated.

i’m done now. happy Monday & loads of joy!

One response to “play. watch. enjoy.

  1. Great videos! Mia Michaels is my favorite choreographer, I’m sad to hear she will not be returning to the US show.

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