Feel-good Friday: fashionABLE.

i had an e-mail in my inbox yesterday from Mocha Club founder Barrett Ward — inside was enough feel-goods to last for weeks, so i decided today’s Feel-good Friday post would be dedicated solely to fashionABLE and spreading its incredible goodness.

fashionABLE is Mocha Club’s newest venture supporting women in Ethiopia. in short, fashionABLE is: 1) handmade scarves purchased by you & i, 2) the money from our purchase is then sent back into rehibilitating women, 3) these same women then create their own products to sell and earn a living, 4) and so on and so forth…it’s a beautiful cycle.

kids, this is what business should look like.

i have two fashionABLE scarves of my own that i absolutely love — not only are they truly fashionable, but they’re also so stinkin’ soft i’ve contemplated using one as a “blanky.” bahaha. i kid about the blanky part, but not at all about the softness.

what’s even more wonderful? i don’t know Madison, what?

in less than two months time over 3700 scarves have been sold — UHmazing, right?

check out the video below & then immediately pop on over to the fashionABLE Web site HERE to make your own fashion statement & be a part of changing someone’s life.

joys galore (:

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