birthday lovin’: E. Mars.

she acts. she sings. she dances. — she documents life in photos. she wears Lilly & seersucker like a pro. she likes a Dirty Shirley, but only one. and she happens to have the smallest, neatest hand writing on the face of the planet.

she is my E. Mars and there is no one like her. not even close.

since the start of freshman year when we both lived in the same dorm (Craige North, represent!), Emily Marsland has been one of my greatest sources of laughter and joy…seriously, her sense of humor is unparalleled. and if ever anyone has a story worth hearing, it’s my darling Mars.

did i mention she sings, dances & acts? a triple threat of talent, Em (or Marcy as she is affectionately known by the Little House gals) now resides in the Big Apple where she roams the City as if she’s lived their all her life. it’s only a matter of time before i’ll be visiting Broadway for opening night of a show she’s the leading lady in.

i can’t wait.

but for today, my E.Mars is another year older! dear Mars, i hope your day is beyond wonderful & full of your favorite things…i know for a fact the color pink and pretty cupcakes will be involved! thank you for being one of my dearest friends, for reminding me how FUN life can be, for showing me what it means to go after your dreams and live out your passions AND

for never failing to make me smile (:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my darling E.Mars…sending more love to the Upper Westside than you’ll know what to do with!!   love always, Maddie.

old school. sophomore year. Em & M.


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