Tuesday Tunes: chart-toppers 2010, part 1.

and so begins the final few days of 2010…it’s unreal to think another year is coming to an end.

as i started thinking about this week’s Tuesday Tunes, it seemed a no-brainer to do a recap of my favorite songs of the year—but then i started picking them out & quickly amounted a list of 30+ songs. a few too many, aye?

the solution: i forced myself to trim the list to 15 songs & then divvied them up into a two-part series.

today: part one (:

best remake: Hallelujah by Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris — performed as a part of the Hope for Haiti telethon, this rendition of Jeff Buckley’s classic song is simple & hauntingly beautiful.

mainstream triumph: Airplanes by B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams — the one song from mainstream radio I simply couldn’t resist. B.O.B is crazy talented & so much fun, and Hayley’s voice is a force of nature all its own.

summer lovin’: American Honey by Lady Antebellum — this song is pure summer set to music, and this summer it was the song yours truly belted in the car during my many trips back and forth between Raleigh & home all summer long.

golden boys: When A Heart Breaks by Ben Rector — gracious, i adore this song. i don’t know how many times it sang me to sleep or calmed my mind while writing a 10-pager, but i do know  i owe Mr. Rector a debt of gratitude.

The Lucky Ones by Brendan James — so proud of this fellow Tar Heel! he’s had a phenomenal year & i can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for him…you might even say he’s one of the lucky ones. pun intended, of course.

girl power: Addicted to Love by Florence + Machine — oh Florence, you powerhouse, you. this song is merely the tip of a gigantic iceberg of incredible music.

twenty second star: How by Maroon 5 — from 1:17-1:37 just might be my favorite twenty musical seconds of 2010…Adam’s voice is absolute ‘sock you in the stomach’ goodness.

word perfect: Emphasis by Sleeping at Last — some of the best lyrics i’ve ever heard…every last word seeps under your skin. Life is a gorgeous broken gift, 6 billion pieces waiting to be fixed

stay tuned: the remaining 7 arrive on Thursday!

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