birthday lovin’: the best friend.

December has already been quite the month of birthdays, I know,  but I need to finish out the month strong with the addition of one more…after all she’s kind of a big deal seeing as that she’s my best friend. Today marks my darling Chels’ 22nd birthday!

When I first started working at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in January of  my sophomore year, one of my fellow co-workers Coleman always talked about Chelsea. “You guys are so much alike, Maddie, you’ll love her,” he said constantly. I for one was a little skeptical. My first 6 months or so at the factory Chels was studying abroad in Spain, thus we didn’t meet until later the next fall — funny thing is, I don’t really remember meeting her for the first time, it’s like she was always there. Another funny thing, for the first few months she was back at work I was incredibly intimidated to work with her…beyond hilarious to think about now.

But then one day we just clicked & me-oh-my what a beautiful friendship it has been ever since — road trips, concerts & countless shenanigans at the chocolate factory (4:00 AM Valentine’s Day shifts included), she is without a doubt one of my favorite people to be around!

While there are an abundance of wonderful “moments” with Chels I could share, a moment I deem very special happened while we were working a shift together; it was early morning & customer traffic was slow, very helpful for the purpose of a heart-to-heart convo. The often dreaded question “What do you want to do in life?” was tossed my way and for the first time I dared to share my dream of one day owning my own store. Quite the vague answer, yes, but I distinctly remember Chels turning around & half-yelling, “Me too!” like she already knew we were both on the same brain-wave. And we were. For the rest of the day we continued to share our ideas and random thoughts with each other, each of them eagerly received by the other. Now whether or not Chels & I one day own our own store (& community center) together is wholly within His hands & we’ll just have to wait and see…as for now, I am simply grateful for the chance to dream and dream BIG alongside my best friend.

Chels is currently half-way through a 6-month long mission trip across the Atlantic Ocean, making birthday celebrations a bit difficult. But not to worry, friends, when she returns to the U.S. at the end of March many a good-time will be had, including a wonderful Saturday in April when I have the privilege of standing beside her on the day she marries her beau!!

Dear best friend: i miss you. i love you. i’m thankful for you. incredibly thankful. I hope your day is splendid & full of reminders of how special you are!  ps: beyond pumped to see you in 90 days (:

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