elle fanning.

meet elle fanning. at only 12 she’s already made quite a name for herself in the world of acting with her latest role being that of the leading (young) lady in Sofia Coppola’s incredibly artistic film Somewhere.

one of my favorite blogs, the neo-traditionalist, showcased the delightful images below one day last week & silly me read the name Fanning multiple times before i finally made the connection to big sis Dakota Fanning…how i missed this obvious connection, i have no clue.

absolutely love her “Heidi” wrap braids — so very kid-like, just as she should be!

and the contrast between the deep shadow behind & the highlights on her dress are exquisite in this one — i also love that her posture is less than perfect…a bit slouchy like every other pre-teen.


and here’s the trailer & plot summary for Somewhere. Elle looks fantastic!

2 responses to “elle fanning.

  1. wow lucky lucky kid!

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