Tuesday Tunes: Mat Kearney.

you know those special friends you have, the ones that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen them, when you’re with them it feels like you just saw them yesterday. Mat Kearney’s music is one such friend of mine.

i’ve been a fan of Kearney (Car-knee) for several years now & have had the pleasure of seeing him live multiple times — he’s incredible — but until last night, it had been quite a while since i had spent anytime with my old friend.

i do believe Mr. Kearney is releasing a new album sometime in the next few months & it will absolutely be an immediate purchase for the Hipp twins (the brother is a big fan too!), but for now  his older stuff still comprises some of my favorite tunes!

In the Middle: i do believe this one is my favorite from Nothing Left to Lose. [please forgive the silly “with lyrics” video…it had the best sound quality.]

Renaissance: another favorite…the man has some serious spoken-word skills.

Fire & Rain: from City of Black & White…love that driving drum beat. 

Closer to Love: glorious use of telephones…ah yes, the song itself is also fantastic.

are you and Kearney pals yet? i assure you, he’s a good one to keep around.

joys, M.

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