in transition.

so i guess it’s about time i officially share some pretty exciting news: at the end of this week I am moving to Nashville for a few months to intern with the MOCHA CLUB!!!

i’m still trying to wrap my own mind around this wonderful new adventure & feel so blessed to be given such a wonderful opportunity. MUCH more surrounding the upcoming move and internship will come in the days and weeks ahead, but i thought it high time i told you about this exciting news so we would all be on the same page!

moving to Nash for the next few months required i say goodbye to all of my wonderful family & friends in Raleigh/Durham for a while…not at all an easy task. i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again, i have been so blessed to spend every single day for the last 6 months surrounded by incredible, incredible people.

my brothers Jon & B, a host of beautiful friends, my chocolate family at Rocky Mountain, the stellar crew at DurhamCares and all the precious families i babysit for…i kid you not when i say each day was filled with amazing people.

leaving Raleigh was not an easy task and one i frankly dreaded the entire week before. even on Monday, 5 days before i would be physically leaving, i found myself crying at work simply thinking about it. so i decided then and there that no more tears would be shed & instead of being sad i would focus all of my energy on being thankful…thankful for my time in Raleigh/Durham and thankful for my future time ahead in Nashville.

guess what, it worked! not a single tear more has been shed since & instead i had an amazing “transition” weekend full of smiles & some of my favorite people. i couldn’t have asked for anything better…

i woke up on Friday to a sweet surprise left by Lauren on the kitchen counter…i’ll admit her words did get me a bit teary, but not out of sadness!

then Jenna & Janae arrived! Janae flew out from Raleigh on Saturday for a month-long mission trip to Haiti so the timing of our little reunion could not have been more perfect. it’s so crazy to think i’ve only known these gorgeous gals for less than 3 months and yet they have already joined the ranks as two of my most treasured friends.

Friday night Jenna joined “the family”—myself, Jon, B, & Hayes—for a yummy dinner and quality time together…how i love them so! then a game night back at the apartment (with Lauren in tow!!) found us all circled-up on the floor fighting off fits of laughter & failing miserably. a night i  will treasure for a long time to come.

Saturday morning my brothers & Lauren helped pack up the ‘ol Jeep and send me off to the chocolate factory and my last shift for a while. all week my fellow co-workers were sweethearts & let me do all of my favorite “tasks,” so on Saturday my only request was that I get to make the tray of Monster apples needed for production. they obliged (:

Step One: Tiger Butter + semi-sweet chips.

Step Two: a lovely drizzle of white confection.

Step Three: a final drizzle of milk chocolate & DONE. yum, yum.

i managed to escape from the chocolate factory before Alan and Jeanne (my precious bosses) could make me cry & immediately hit the road towards home. why the rush you ask? an ENGAGEMENT party for sweet Al and my Ceej was held Saturday night in Charlotte & there was no way I was going to miss it!!

um, they're getting MARRIED!!!

the night was full of long-awaited, wonderful conversations & loads of laughter…it was indeed a marvelous celebration for an AMAZING couple! AND then the “after party,” which just so happened to be a slumber party, found a group of us awake well past midnight, laughing even more amidst a sea of blankets.

my fellow "slumberers" --- an all-star crew.

48 hours bursting with JOY makes for quite the perfect transition, wouldn’t you agree? i personally can’t help but smile when i think about the way the whole weekend came together perfectly. thankful beyond words…

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  1. yay. yay. yay. times a million. 🙂

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