Tuesday Tunes: Neulore.

well friends, for once my random clicking around the Internet paid off. last week while packing up to move out of Raleigh I stumbled across the music of Neulore, an incredible band with the perfect blend of folk and gospel.

i fell in love at once, immediately purchased their first EP Apples + Eve, then proceeded to listen to it on repeat while i packed. ’twas an enjoyable packing experience indeed.

as one might reduce from the title of the EP, each of the songs that make up Apples + Eve evolve around the Garden of Eden.

“Something happened when Eve accepted the fruit from the serpent. Something more than the proverbial fall, something more than the rift between God & man. The bliss of the garden spiraled into accusation, desire, and heartbreak. Written to Eve from Adam’s perspective, the seven songs that make up Neulore’s “Apples & Eve” explore that fractured space between the original man and woman.” -Neulore

the guys took a brilliant, well-thought idea and made some pretty wonderful music out of it. i sincerely hope you’ll give them the listen they deserve & in return find yourself a batch of new tunes you love!

to learn more about Neulore —> visit their Web site.
to stream the album online —> visit Neulore.com
*i’m a smidge partial to Grow & Apples (When You Lost Your Belief)

and gentlemen of Neulore, when might we expect to see you guys out on the road? i’m also moving to Nashville at the end of the week & would settle for a show in Music City…thoughts?

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