Feel-good Friday: so long, Carolina. for a while.

the last 24 hrs have been quite interesting & the 24+ hrs ahead promise to follow suit. depending on when you read this, i’ll most likely be on the road to Nashville, as i leave my Carolina for a while and embark on a little adventure — stay tuned for what i’m sure will be some interesting days ahead.

for now though it is still the “night before” & i’m slated to be waking up in 7 hrs to take a shower and pack up the ‘ol Jeep…well, more like cram full to capacity. i can however guarantee it will be very well organized seeing as that my daddy is quite the packing expert.

due to the packing frenzy and craziness of the past few days, this week’s Feel-good Friday post is a bit “thin,” but i assure you i will be back to piling on the words and fun stuff as soon as i get settled in to my new place of residence.

until then, just a few feel-goods to tide you over!

prop pro: Randi Brookman Harris can make a pile of “stuff” look really good…the people at InStyle, Martha Stewart & Kate Spade seem to all agree as they call on Harris regularly to style magazine spreads. below are a few of my favorites from Harris’ recent portfolio. 

ashley meaders: an event stylist (um, dream job?) i recently came across on one of my favorite blogs, ms. meaders’ work is SO. MUCH. FUN. i limited myself to two of my favorite “shots” from her portfolio…not an easy task.

imagine an entire hallway of lockers bursting with flowers. eeeeeek.

be still my heart... this swing might be one of the loveliest things ever.

the lone bubble: this photo is absolutely magical…well, at least i think so. 

home: forgive me if you’ve already seen this…and with over 2.5 million views on YouTube you very well may have. i’m not going to sugar coat it or beat around the bush: i want this little girl. not only is she beyond ADORABLE, but her serious performance positively melts my heart…she’s so into it. i give you permission to fall in love with her too, it’s pretty impossible not to!

abundant joy from the road (: -M.

2 responses to “Feel-good Friday: so long, Carolina. for a while.

  1. OMG – singing is hard work – love the yawn towards the end. I can see you having one just like her some day.

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