red carpet: golden globes.

though i didn’t sit down and watch the Globes until the final few minutes (yay! Colin Firth won for The King’s Speech — amazing film. go see immediately!) I did go back and take a look at what dresses made their way down the red-carpet.

all in all it was a pretty disappointing evening…but as always, there managed to be a few stand-outs. is it a mere coincidence that 3 out of 4 all involve long sleeves? hmm.

angelina: i have never been a fan of ms. jolie but even I can admit this green dress is stunning…and i do mean stunning.

anne: ms. hathaway could wear a garbage bag and look good. clothe her in a golden gown and she’s a stunner. might i just add that i am loving the extra “poof” at the shoulders. loving.

leighton: i’ve checked a few best & worst dressed lists and leighton seems to be in the worst pile for most. perhaps it’s my tendency to want to be different, but i quite liked ms. meester’s dress — yes, it could have been spiced up a bit with a little more color, but i do love the softer fabric.

emma: sleek, simple & classy, yet the fresh color keeps it perfectly age appropriate for ms. stone — i do believe her’s might be my favorite of the night.

the Oscars are just around the corner…

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