Tuesday Tunes: Country Strong.

many of you know i am NOT a country fan, not at all. unless it’s of the country-pop variety a la T. Swift or Lady Antebellum, rarely does it make it to my ears.

BUT in honor of this weekend’s move to Nashville, the country music capital of the world nonetheless, i thought it only appropriate to feature a little bit of country on this week’s Tuesday Tunes…but only this once.

Hayes and I saw Country Strong on Saturday — again, it only seemed appropriate seeing as that we were in Nashville — and although my verdict is still out on the movie as a whole, I can admit to liking (even enjoying) the soundtrack.

below, a few uncharacteristically country songs.

Give Into Me: it should be quite obvious by now that i’m a sucker for a male/female duet. 

Hide Me Babe: oh my word, this song is country twang at its best…but it was a sweet moment in the film so i couldn’t help but like it, right?

A Little Bit Stronger: i’m going to go ahead and say leighton’s version is better than the original — her voice is incredible.

ok. enough country. it will never happen again. that is unless there’s something in the water here in Nash…and well, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that. happy tuesday!

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