Feel-good Friday: week one.

i have officially been in Nashville for an entire week now — in many ways it feels like i’ve been here much longer. and in many other ways it feels like i just left NC yesterday. time is a funny thing.

i finally got my “studio” (the room i’m renting is a former in-home studio) in order and all my stuff put away so i’m feeling much more settled. it’s actually quite cozy in my little studio as i sit curled up in my fluffy bed  with Iron & Wine filling the room. and compiling a new batch of feel-goods only adds to the coziness…now if only i had a mug of hot tea cupped in my hands.

who’s ready? excellent.

sweet invite: how adorable is this baby shower invite?  love the little flags & the chalkboard/chalk look. this simple idea could easily translate to a variety of other party invites…endless possibilities. 

“hen” day: it seems in Australia ‘bachelorette party’ translates to ‘hen’s day.’ um, i’m a fan. this particular hen party involved champagne in milk glasses & striped straws (for you, Ceej!!). partying with hens looks to be quite fun. 

flag-worthy: i came across this fantastic page flags on Paper Source & thought to myself “why didn’t i think of that?’ — so long boring ‘ol sticky notes & folding down the corner, these fashionable little page flags are so much more fun. AND you can get 375 of these puppies for only 6 bucks.

all aboard: don’t these fabulous SteamLine trunks just make you want to jump on the next train, plane or cruise ship you see?

gold slippers: they aren’t Dorothy’s bedazzled red heels, but i do believe i like this pair of sparkly gold heels so much more. Kristen + John’s wedding day was full of fun little touches, all the way down to Kristen’s toes! [photographs by Max Wanger.]

in a New York minute: lots and lots of New York minutes went in to this incredible timelapse of the Big Apple by Josh Owens. spotted this over on MVH’s blog and found myself quite mesmerized. i’ll be ready for a trip back soon…though i might wait for warmer temperatures (:

these faces: is it possible to be in love with someone you’ve never met? i think so. staring at these gorgeous faces and feeling nothing but love swell in my heart. this moment and those smiles are pure perfection. [photograph from Living Water International.]

mmm, someone’s eyes are getting heavy. turning my little heater on & turning the lights off. goodnight dear friends, sleep tight. -M

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