Tuesday Tunes: Bellarive.

one of the bonus “perks” of being at the Mocha Club office is being surrounded by  fellow music lovers…especially Jeff & Marisa. last week Jeff shared Bellarive’s “Love Has Found Us” video  & i was instantly hooked. instantly.

hailing from Orlando, FL, the six-member band is talented beyond belief. their six-song EP is overflowing with gorgeous lyrics and incredible music…did i mention the fact none of them are old enough to have graduated from college? they’re mere youngins themselves and yet they possess profound wisdom.

What does being human really mean? At the core, Bellarive is a band examining this question. Our songs are an overflow of stories, thoughts, and conversations proceeding to the overwhelming consideration that there must be more. In our pursuit of understanding humanity, we were interrupted with an explanation…Jesus. In our response, we write. It is from this place that the “Being Human Project…Start Listening EP” was birthed. Our desire is that you too will pause, perceive, and behold the beauty in the world around you. For we all have been beaten and bruised, but not forgotten; friends, know there is still Hope. He is present. Bellarive

these guys (& gal!) are just getting started, folks…prepare yourselves.

Love Has Found Us: For out of You comes everything…that’s why we breathe in deep this love.

Stories: magic dust was sprinkled on this one…

need some more? i thought so. listen to Overflow & Shine On directly on Bellarive’s Facebook page.

alrighty then. i’ll be going back to my little world of Bellarive now…have a splendid day.

3 responses to “Tuesday Tunes: Bellarive.

  1. Love this music… thanks for sharing …. Aunt Robin

  2. Great Blog. Great Music. Your affiliated with mocha club?

  3. Thanks for the kind words! We just released our new music video and website at http://www.bellarive.com

    Check it out! I think you’d love it! And thanks again!!!

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