Tuesday Tunes: James McMorrow.

from across the pond comes another incredible voice. Ireland has been hiding James McMorrow for the last year, but with the release of his debut album Early In the Morning to the US market last week it’s only a matter of time…

perhaps even more impressive than McMorrow’s voice (and let me tell you,  it is impressive) is the artistry with which he put his album together. fully self-produced by himself, it was with great care and decisiveness that McMorrow ordered each song in order to create an overall experience…one song echoes haunting & melodic, to be followed by another song drenched in folk and banjos, to be followed by yet another with only a piano as it’s musical legs. it’s incredible, really.

his voice is one for the ages…classic & pure…and oh how it does soothe. mr. mcmorrow has been singing me to sleep for the last week & will continue to do so for a little while longer. and come time for warmer weather & evening drives with the windows down, he will most definitely be keeping me company.

Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree: gorgeous, much?

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop: a touch of soul. perfection.

We Don’t Eat: the piano, the chorus, the sweet harmony coming in at the 2nd verse….yes, this one might just be my favorite.

happy listening.

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