{www} switching it up.

would you believe that absolutely no wonderfully written words jumped out at me in the past week? craziness. — although this might be a direct result of the fact that i haven’t had much time to actually read many words in the last week. yikes.

but i have had time to watch the following video from Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors & i am simply smitten with it. Drew & his wife Ellie are kind of the cutest couple ever, not to mention the fact they also sing beautifully together making them even cuter ( i’m sure they would so appreciate me using the word cute to describe them. wink.)

i’m also quite taken with the hodgepodge of beautiful faces & smiles flowing throughout the video. you’ll get the warm fuzzies, i promise.

in closing: i hereby promise to be on the lookout for some extra wonderfully written words for next week.

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