house of worship.

i’m sitting in a Caribou (oh, how i have missed my Rooibos Lattes!) in Atlanta waiting on rush-hour traffic to pass so I can hit the road back to Nashville. though the “never sit still” in me is itching to get on the road & on with my day, i’m quite thankful for the excuse to sit down and enjoy a warm beverage…especially when it’s my favorite one!

i’m also thankful for the excuse to finally read this article my sweet Jenna sent my way last week. a house within a church…yes, please.

while the interior redesign of this historic church is a little too stark & modern for my own liking, i can’t help but find the whole concept incredibly cool — those stained glass windows are stunning & i love how the “church” owners placed the dining table in the apse of the church. (art history lesson: apse = raised, semi-circular architecture with a domed ceiling that most often held the alter space. )

{more pictures}

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