Tuesday Tunes: The Civil Wars.

The Civil Wars have been a staple in my iTunes library for the past year &  were one of my very first Tuesday Tunes post back in August. Oh, how things do change & stay the same in 5 months time.

Still two of my favorites, John Paul & Joy released their first full length album Barton Hollow last Tuesday and it has since held the NUMBER ONE spot on the iTunes albums chart for the entire week — unbelievable. After a certain appearance on Jay Leno created quite the buzz and everyone started scrambling for tickets to their sold out show here in Nashville, I couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of the fact that I had purchased my ticket the very day they were released. For once I was ahead of the rest!

Speaking of said concert, it was the duo’s first album release show held here in Nashville at the Belcourt Theatre. I was mesmerized from start to finish & I can easily say it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Their voices are beyond words…I especially love John Paul’s even more after hearing him live…and they’ve created quite the little niche for themselves. ‘

The Civil Wars have arrived, folks, & they won’t be leaving anytime soon…do yourself a favor & go ahead and get to know them.

To Whom It May Concern:i missed you, but i haven’t met you. oh, but i want to…how i do.” without question the sweetest song of the album.

You Are My Sunshine: anything but sunshine, this cover of the classic nursery rhyme sheds light on the songs very dark meaning. without a doubt one of my favorites live.

C’est La Mort: this one has such a movie-like quality to it & if i had to pick a favorite, this would be it. french for “such is death,” the title does have me questioning my taste in favorite songs…

I Want You Back: just for kicks & giggles…a little Jackson 5 remix. So, so good.


One response to “Tuesday Tunes: The Civil Wars.

  1. I just discovered them, in haiti of all places, and they are wonderful, 🙂

    And I miss you. Very much so.

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