{eye candy} batch four.

it has been quite some time since the last batch of eye candy…and by quite some time i mean two months. oh my.

today: batch four has arrived.

falling stars: a ceiling full of stars. dreamy.

metro bliss: loving the reflection off the ceiling tiles.

blue eyes: these whimsical portraits by Anna Palma are precious. as are both of these little cuties.

strawberry girl: this one makes me miss my childhood…how i loved trips to the library & signing my own name.

seeing spots: little drops of rainbows…

spools of love: a wall of colorful spools…why didn’t i think of that? Dave Copeland beat me to it.

sunny-side up: giant yellow balloons with sequined circles falling from their tails…just lovely.

quite the coat: not a fan of the Cruella Deville stripe in the hair…but that coat is UHmazing.

paper hearts: a certain heart holiday is just around the corner…

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to watch my HEELS play…thank goodness for online streaming.

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