birthday lovin’: jennabean.

i’m not one who celebrates “anniversaries” for the very simple fact that i’ve never had any to celebrate…well, until now. in four days i will celebrate my four-month friendiversary with my gorgeous friend Jenna & it will indeed be a day worthy of celebrating. today, however, is all about celebrating Jennabean & her birthday!!

if you would kindly take a walk down memory lane with me, you’ll remember that i met Jenna back in October when i road solo down to a concert in Wilmington to volunteer for Mocha Club. the entire day before i had so badly wanted to get out of going, but looking back now i realize had i succeeded i would have missed out on one of this life’s most precious friendships. part of me would like to think Jenna & I would have crossed paths at a later date and time, but having had her in my life for the last (almost) four months  i’m so incredibly grateful for a needed lesson in humility that sent me on a two-hour drive to meet one of my dearest friends.

since meeting back in October, Jenna & I have only spent a combined 8ish days together…but she’s one of your dearest friends, you say with a hint of doubt. yes, yes she is. i’m of the mindset that spending loads of time with someone doesn’t necessarily make you the best of pals. time together is valuable of course, but having similar hearts, dreams & passions somehow makes time irrelevant — i could have met Jenna 2 years ago or 2 days ago & she would still be one of my favorite people. we love kids. we love music. we love adventure. we even share quite the affinity for all three of the Step Up movies…a commonality which may or may not have inspired us to attempt the art of break dancing one Sunday afternoon. [due to our puny arms & tendency to collapse into heaps of laughter, you would be safe to assume we failed miserably.]

how badly i wish i could jet home to Raleigh tonight and join a fabulous group of people in celebrating Ms. Jenna on her special day, but alas i will have to celebrate my heart out from a few hundred miles away. of course, this only means we have an excuse to celebrate again the next time we’re together (:

my sweet JR, thank you for being a constant source of inspiration & joy in my life. thank you for traversing I-40 multiple times just to hang out with the likes of me. thank you for loving Ben & Jerry’s in a near obsessive way. thank you for being you & for deeming me worthy of the name friend.  you are a blessing & you are loved!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jennabean! Love always, Me.

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