Feel-good Friday: use somebody.

happy friday, dear friends! i don’t know about you, but i for one am so ready for the weekend…i have a little bit of sleep to catch up on. wink.

it’s been two weeks since the last Feel-good Friday post — heading down to Atlanta last weekend through me off a bit — and it was SO nice to have a few quiet hours to myself to piddle around the Internet for a while. having not visited some of my favorite blogs in a few days, there was quite a bit of catching up to do!

are we ready to rock? excellent.

Jellybeans: interior designer and event planner Sharon Taylor went above and beyond when she designed this Missouri children’s store from the ground up. Even better, she sourced most of her materials from flea markets & eBay and commissioned local art students to do all the lovely murals. i’m no kid, but Jellybeans and Ms. Taylor both get my stamp of approval.

nothing but a blank slate...

hopscotch on the floor. why not?

House Industries: loving these bold graphic prints from this quirky little design house… 








by candlelight: my jaw literally hit the floor when i came across these STUNNING nighttime photos of the Palace of Versailles. holy smokes & candelabras. {source}

DIY madness: forgive me for the slew of DIY projects that follow…something must be in the water this week.

paint-can chandelier.

trying to branch out a bit from my obsession with just plain 'ol lightbulbs...

Polaroid picture frame.

such a perfect weekend project...adore those old clothespins.

from grate to great.

the strips of fabric holding this little baby up are the perfect touch.

use somebody: i’ve been listening to this Kings of Leon cover by Tyrone Wells all night…so soothing.

pint-sized Darth: i think we can all agree that the much anticipated annual Superbowl commercials left much to be desired this year. but Volkswagen and its little friend managed to bring a smile to my face (:

happy weekend & may the force be with you.

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