i am currently attempting to distract myself from the fact that i am missing the Mumford & Sons/Avett Bros (bragging moment: the Avett Bros are North Carolina boys!!!) performance on the Grammys — rarely, if ever, do i long for live television…well tonight i’m humming a different tune. but as my bro so kindly just reminded me via text (mind you, while watching the performance): “the video will be posted tomorrow & then you can watch it multiple times.” oh twin, you know me so well.

now back to distracting myself. i came across this cute little idea by Canadian artist Jasna Sokolovic and found myself wishing i were in Granville Island (Vancouver) to embark on a little scavenger hunt.

Finders-Keepers is Sokolovic’s latest “project,” arriving just in time for V-Day. 200 ceramic hearts were disbursed in and around Granville Island Saturday to be found by perfect strangers. just as the title implies, if you find a heart it’s yours to keep. how fun is that?

loads of love, dear friends. loads of love.


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