{www} split your heart in two.

you choose
for yourself
what kind of life you wish to have
when you step out the front door every morning

do you prefer
the rock hard running of skyscraper immortal
crashing its way through citybusyday with
little pops
of quiet surprise buried
for you to find

have you chosen
the comforting sameness
of patterns and houses
and cars and fences
and routine and routines
in your brain

or do you live
for wide open expanse of sky,
splitting your heart in two
because you cannot possibly
take it all in.


the sunset in west Nash last night was of the “split your heart in two” variety. as i drove straight towards the horizon line and the setting sun, clouds  ablaze with brilliant shades of orange and pink closed in above and around me. and i do believe my Father dusted over each and every cloud with an extra layer of gold just for me. take my word for it when i say it was a masterpiece only the Creator is capable of painting.

it looked a little something like this one...

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