to do.

ahhh yes, the weekend has arrived with open arms & yours truly is ready to embrace it in a big ‘ol bear hug. what follows is a lovely little “to do” list full of ways this weekend & i will be bonding.

an ode to the weekend.
1) write letters of love. stamp & send.
2) start a new book.
3) if the weather permits, complete #’s 1 & 2 while lounging
in the park.
4) paint my fingernails purpley plum, they could use a little lovin’.
5) make pancakes & eggs for breakfast…or dinner.
6) it’s been a month since i’ve watched a movie. change that.
7) go on a walk.
8) go on another walk.
9) plan something fun for the week ahead.
10) smile. to myself & at strangers.
11) whip up a weekend batch of feel-goods (:

now, what’s on your list? fill it up with goodness & it shall be a glorious weekend, guaranteed.

ps: earlier this week this little gem arrived in the mail from mom & dad…i smiled with gLee & couldn’t resist sharing the love. gLee.

joys galore.

One response to “to do.

  1. I wish I was there to go on at least one of those walks with my sweet girl. Something tells me we would talk non-stop (but still share smiles with strangers). Enjoy your weekend! Miss you Miss!

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