Feel-good Friday: weekend edition.

why hello there, i hope this finds everyone enjoying their weekend! thanks to some not so feel-good neck & shoulder issues, i am currently sharing some quality time with my heating pad…but on a positive note, what a perfect excuse to put together a batch of feel-goods to brighten my day (and i hope yours too).

shall we begin?

making change: which to choose, which to choose…loving every single one of Renne’s wallet pouches. but i do believe that sweet little mint one in the middle has won me over. i’ve got sunshine: these medallions aren’t just for ceilings folks! a fresh pop of sunny yellow on one’s walls…so-long cloudy days.

hey good lookin’: velveteen photo albums in the prettiest vintage tones. they told me they look lovely stacked on a coffee table…

confetti or bust: tissue paper + double sided tape + bowls of confetti = FUN. and perfect for kids of all ages.

rain on my parade…please: being cooped up inside on a rainy day isn’t at the top of most kids’ list…unless a giant roll of kraft paper is involved. first you draw, dream & play until your heart’s content , and then you draw, dream &  play some more. brilliant.

color me lovely: such a  pretty, pretty watercolor print by Ekaterina Koroleva.

silly streamers: oh my goodness, i would make any and every excuse to throw a party tomorrow if it meant i could make a batch of these adorable streamers. so please don’t be surprised if they show up in my life sometime in the very near future (:

power to the Biebs: i know the following video won’t work within the ‘ol blog due to Fox copyright…BUT if you feel so inclined, follow the link on over to YouTube for your daily dose of Bieber. i currently have not a single of the Biebs tracks in my iTunes library, but after this week’s episode of Glee that might have to change thanks to Mr. Chord Overstreet.   (it is kind of a catchy tune)


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