and done.

on Friday i set forth a little “to do” list for myself to accomplish this weekend which turned out to be one of the best ideas i’ve had in quite some time. i’ve always loved lists & the feeling of accomplishment that comes with marking through something after it’s been completed…as it turns out, marking through items on a “to do” list of things you actually want to do is even more gratifying.

1) write letters of love. stamp & send.
*between handwritten notes, personal e-mails & phone calls, i sent love  to 18 friends/families this weekend. feeling the love big time…
2) start a new book.
*this was the lone item on the list that wasn’t completed. BUT i have ordered two books online using a Groupon from a few weeks ago so it’s only a matter of time until a new book is in hand!
3) if the weather permits, complete #’s 1 & 2 while lounging
in the park.
*ok, so i take that last comment back. this particular item technically didn’t happen either. some gorgeous weather finally arrived Sunday afternoon so i did get to be outside some…no lounging in the park though.
4) paint my fingernails purpley plum, they could use a little lovin’.
*check and check. an inky purple polish by the name of Chinatown is now in place.
5) make pancakes & eggs for breakfast…or dinner.
*or how about lunch? i went to an evening service at Ethos tonight so i was able to enjoy a lovely brunch of pancakes & eggs while still in my pjs. brunch.
6) it’s been a month since i’ve watched a movie. change that.
*due to the previously mentioned neck/shoulder issues of the weekend, i actually watched two movies…hey-o…one documentary & one chick-flick. my heating pad proved to be excellent company.
7) go on a walk.
*Saturday’s walk took me the whole first mile + a Glee playlist to get me in the zone. it was worth it.
8) go on another walk.
*gorgeous Sunday. warm enough to get sweaty. wished mom & dad were on either side of me.
9) plan something fun for the week ahead.
*coffee/magazine date with Rachel on Monday.
*movie date with the roommates on Thursday.
*craft date w. Holli on Saturday.
*Oscar Fashion festivities with Jordan on Sunday. (:
10) smile. to myself & at strangers.
*smiling is my favorite.
11) whip up a weekend batch of feel-goods (:
*see below.

here’s to the week ahead…may it be as equally productive & enjoyable!

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